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    Nazareth students from second grade through eighth competed in in array of Academic UIL competitions. Students tested their skills in Art, Chess, Writing, Spelling, Listening, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies and more. Events took place on November 14th and November 21st against students from Adrian, Channing, Happy, Hartley, Texline, Walcott, and Wildorado. 


    Nazareth elementary and middle school students are exemplary. Our students and coaches put in hour upon hour of effort in the weeks leading up to the competition, and it paid off.  Nazareth Junior High won first place overall with a score of 876. Happy was in second place with 633 followed by Hartley with 324. Not to be outdone, Nazareth Elementary won 1st Place overall with a score of 1027.5.  In second place was Channing with 340 followed by Happy with 317.5. Our students placed first, second, or third in 46 of 49 team events.


    The individual accomplishments of our students is also worthy of recognition.  Medals are awarded to students in first through third place and ribbons are awarded for fourth through sixth.  Nazareth students won a combined total of 97 medals and 56 ribbons. Of the 73 events our students competed in they won ribbons and/or medals in 70. 


    Thank you to our families for the support, time, and encouragement you give. The children of our community show their excellence and dedication.  Thank you to our teachers/coaches for making time to coach our students among all the other things you accomplish every day. Last but certainly not least, thank you students of Nazareth School. Your commitment and hard work will carry you farther and farther each year.  Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment!



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  • Our Mission

    We, the staff, students, and parents of Nazareth Independent School District believe that all students can and will learn. We have a climate of high expectations. We believe that our school provides quality and equity in instruction in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. We feel that our mission of educating students is best accomplished when home and school work together. We are dedicated to educating our children to be productive, respectful, and patriotic citizens in a changing future.